Streckeninfo Fränkische Schweiz

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2 Responses to Streckeninfo Fränkische Schweiz

  1. Exilfranke sagt:

    Super Tour in meiner Fränkischen Heimat.
    Bis bald mit sonnigen Grüßen aus LA-West
    Arno (850T3)

  2. Federica sagt:

    The BMW is going to last a bit longer in genarel but like all vehicles they vary and some Guzzis will outlast some GSsThe great thing about the Stelvio, if you must have an adventure bike, is that it looks a lot nicer than the BMW which looks like a crash between a train and a Meccano set (uuugh)For me the adventure bike craze, based on a few mates that have them, is the same as women having Range Rovers and similar to take the kids to school and never ever driving them off road other than when they accidentally mount the pavement